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Hello, my name is Kenneth Rogers, and welcome to my blog about what it is like to do video production and editing, and how it can best be done for your style.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Star Wars Trilogy: 2004 Bonus Material - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 6 Bonus Disc - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 6 - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 5 Bonus Disc - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 5 - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 4 Bonus Disc - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 4 - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 3 - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 2 - start dvd title

Star Wars: Episode 1 - start dvd title

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My First YouTube Comeback Video

What I am in the process of editing is a Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two tribute.  That will be my comeback video.

My YouTube Comeback

I am planning a comeback to YouTube this weekend or Monday.  I have been away from doing videos of myself like movie reviews mostly for three years.  That was a choice I decided to make because family life and stress was about to really pick-up, that was going to get in the way, and it has stayed pretty consistent since then.  I have still been uploading to YouTube, some videos of myself off and on, but nowhere near a consistent basis like I use to.  I am very excited for this.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

College Celtic K Project

This is a Celtic K college project I did for my image manipulation class November 6, 2001.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

To All Dallas Filmmakers

To all my Dallas filmmaker friends here, I would love the opportunity to work on projects with you.  I've been trying for years to get people here in Dallas to give me a chance to work with them.  I am very detail oriented and very reliable; I am also very easy to work with. My website is  My site has all of my YouTube channels and other sites to contact me at.  Use those to get in touch with me.  I finished shooting and editing a 4th annual Zumbathon in Round Rock, TX for my favorite sister Robyn and I have sent 15 DVD's total to her and other instructors that were involved with it.  Here is the site for the event and the instructors:  I will email you my Resume and Cover Letter on request if you want.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Death of My Old Friend Michael Dick

I discovered something very disheartening and sad now. A very close friend I had during my last quarter of college at The Art Institute of Dallas, Michael L. (Lee) Dick passed away July 19, 2008 at 33. I'm also very sad that I'm older then him now since he died. We used to spend time together away from college going to movies (one I remember was the 2002 Spider-Man and Men in Black II) and an apartment he lived in. I assisted him a lot during class we had together of a second and last video editing class because he was taking a medicine that helped him focus more, but in turn he would lose what he was learning because of a memory problem he had, so I helped him to get through class projects so he could have something to turn in. It turns out the cause of his death was a peritonitus ulcer. That's why I haven't been able to find him to get in contact with him and catch up. This is how I learned this: 
Here are search results I found of what caused his death and a lawsuit his family had endured: