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Hello, my name is Kenneth Rogers, and welcome to my blog about what it is like to do video production and editing, and how it can best be done for your style.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

My YouTube Channels Were Closed and All Reinstated Now

I did have all four of my YouTube channels closed:, and  I had my mrblacksmoviereviewsClassics reinstated first to get the monetization enabled, and then it got disabled again so I closed it.  Then I got my MrKARproductionslife channel reinstated and everything is in good standing on it now, the monetization is enabled again.  And lastly, earlier this morning, my two other channels (Transformerfankenny4 and mrblacksmoviereviewsClassics) got reinstated and the monetization is enabled on all three of them now.  It took a while and a lot of frustration but I got them reinstated and what I had planned about getting the monetization enabled again after closing my channels and getting them reinstated worked like a charm.  I thank YouTube and their staff for guiding me and helping me through that process, now I can watch those videos anywhere I go and it might take a while because my videos that are monetized have a question mark by them to review them at some point and I think my monetization on three of my channels will be up and running again.  Now you can all watch videos of mine again thanks to YouTube and watch them basically anywhere.  You all are great on here that watch my videos and support me, thank you very much.