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Hello, my name is Kenneth Rogers, and welcome to my blog about what it is like to do video production and editing, and how it can best be done for your style.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

5 Years for this Blog, March 28 Next Year

I looked at this blog and saw that March 28, 2010 is the first time I started using it and when next March 28th comes it will be 5 straight years that I've had it active. I didn't use it in 2011 because I thought I lost access to log in to it because I tried logging in sometimes and kept saying that the email address or password is incorrect. I constantly tried changing my email address password that year but it wasn't working. I finally was able to log back into the blog in February 2012 and I've been using it ever since then. I'm very excited for this anniversary of probably the best thing I've ever done on the Internet, this blog.